The Gate Chronicles | S1E3 | Ashpi

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Our travelers are led to Ashpi village by the seeker, Amali, and the seeker initiate, Finiavir Avir. Amali, having his own business to attend to, leaves the group in the somewhat capable hands of Fin. Who then decides to help the group get geared-up.

The Gate Chronicles (aka TGC) is an actual play rpg run in the Pathfinder game system. It is the second series running concurrently with Sword Art Online: AOD.

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With our ever-growing list of wonderful and talented artists who have allowed us to use their music in the podcast, we’ve decided to compile them all into one document! Please follow the link and learn about the amazing artists that have contributed to our podcast, including Kevin Macleod, Michael Ghelfi, Eric Matayas, Sasha Ende, Rafael Krux, Lilo Sound, Scott Buckley, Alexander Nakarada, Vadim Krakhmal, and a number of other artists.

Alexander Nakarada (Tranquil Fields Peaceful, Tranquil Fields Tense)

Kevin MacLeod (Skye Cuillin)Link:

Rafael Krux (Ice and Snow, Silver Lake, Sleeping Mountain)

Plate Mail Games (Farmlands) Link:

Scott Buckley (Descent)

Michael Ghelfi (Alchemy Lab, Blacksmith, Forest Hamlet)
Used with permission

Vadim Krakhmal (The Awake, Medieval, Mountain Spirits)

Calm Bear, Here We Go, The Village (seamless) by Nicolas Jeudy of Dark Fantasy Studios

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