MRPF | Pathfinder RPG |The Gate Chronicles | Episode 5

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MRPF presents a brand new Gate Chronicles Universe campaign utilizing a homebrew of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game as the system. Content has been homebrewed to some extent to fit the needs of the story. The Gate Chronicles universe, TGC for short, is a labor of love that has been in the making for over 13 years.u00a0


A world recovering from the devastation of the two apocalyptic events, we are 300 years or so post-apocalypse. The high-tech still exists, but vastly so in cities. The world is still alive, covered in ruins, minute settlements, cities, and tribes. While peace is fleeting, survival demands it as there is a vast darkness that has been there since the beginning. Welcome to the Western Realm.


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PC: Qmott/Quintin
GM: Snowu00a0


Missing Roll Player Found is an actual play podcast featuring homebrew content of custom and anime worlds.

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Sundays 9am EST

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