Sword Art Online: AOD | Episode 11 | Town of Beginnings | Double Onesies

SAO Season One Post Design
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In Sword Art Online: AOD Episode 11, the members of A.O.D. have a brief moment to themselves before heading off on another adventure. Stocking up on supplies and survival equipment before such a journey is paramount. But who do you think you’re dealing with? This is A.O.D. after all! To badly explain: one onesie, two onesies, red onesie, blue onesie. 

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Mediacharger (Adventure Time)
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Jay Man (American Beauty)
Link: http://www.ourmusicbox.com/
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Natentine (Marwan Nimra – Fantasy RPG Sequence)
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Eric Matyas (Rockin-Monsters-Game-Menu_Looping, Surreal-Chase_Looping, Cat-Mischief, Clippity-Clop_Looping, Mister-Sneakypants_Looping, Puzzle-Game_Looping)
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