Sword Art Online: AOD | Episode 0 | Beginnings | Link Start

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The moment the words “link start” were uttered, thousands of players were whisked away into the digital world of Sword Art Online. Follow the beginning of our AOD adventure (that’s pronounced “odd”) with Snow as she took her first steps in the Town of Beginnings. This episode covers almost everything that happened before episode 1. Welcome to Sword Art Online: AOD episode 0!

Notice: Episode 0 misses some details from before we recorded, but many are minor and can be inferred from context clues in the later episodes. Episodes 1-5 have poor audio quality that we are working to restore, but they may not be recoverable. As such, we have elected to recap those episodes so you can get started with episode 6 to follow Snow and the creation of AOD. Episode 12 is the first episode where the current party is introduced and therefore we recommend 11 as a starting point if you do not want to listen to a solo-player campaign. Thank you for your patience. 

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