Sword Art Online: AOD | Episode 1 | Plains of Beginnings | Lacking Vitality

SAO Season One Post Design
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Welcome to Sword Art Online: AOD Episode 1. We start outside of the Town of Beginnings where our party has spent the night while attempting to find the forest in the East on the first floor. While the group has only begun to establish bonds, the need to survive forces them to rely upon each other. To badly explain everything: the big bad GM said “stay a while, win or die,” Dark Saviour39 (69) is a jerk, there’s a perv, a wimp, a chaotically neutral something or others, and then there’s Tiffany.

MRPF presents the homebrew of Sword Art Online utilizing the Pathfinder roleplaying system. This campaign is greatly inspired by the SAO anime as well as the abridged series but maintains its own individual twist with the inclusion of the magic that is so prevalent in Pathfinder and D&D.This is a solo player campaign. Please join us on our adventure through a slightly different and yet familiar SAO world!

We do not own the rights to SAO or the abridged series. Please support the original content owners!

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MediachargerĀ (Adventure Time)
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