Meet the GMs


Snow feels awkward talking in the third person, but she understands it is a necessary evil to provide introductions and familiarity with the voices of MRPF. Snow has been playing RPGs for many years. But playing tabletop ones, such as Pathfinder and DnD, her experience only amounts to 3 years of glorious combat and diplomatic encounters. IRL, Snow is a school nurse for the little tykes in elementary school. She is also the GM for The Gate Chronicles, a homebrewed, gritty experience in a post-apocalyptic world. Snow is also the one who birthed the idea to start the podcast. Thank me…er, her later.¬†

The GM

Quintin is the man behind the voice. The man who can eat 5 full plates of mashed-potatoes and still go back for another round. He enjoys eating, sleeping, and eating in that order. Quintin is the GM for the Sword Art Online podcast. When he is not eating, sleeping, or suffering from an existential crisis, he is writing material for SAO and the myriad of other games he would like to play. Quintin would like to remind Snow that he was at least at the scene when the podcast idea was born.



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