Meet the Characters


Meet The Characters

Hi, I’m Daniel. Apparently I couldn’t be bothered to come up with a better name so I stuck with my actual one. I’m usually tinkering away at some mechanical thing. Sometimes it fixes things. Sometimes it makes other things. Sometimes it breaks things. In many cases, it explodes. Usually I’m trying to collect books and blueprints and other things to make this less of a case.

Snow Hikara:

Meet The Characters

They keep calling me a leader of sorts, but I really don’t think I’m the best person for the job. I really like being on my own, but again, I keep seeing people struggle and I just can’t leave them alone. I guess that’s why I’m working on becoming a nurse in the real world. I value friendship and loyalty above all else. But, I also have a hankering for romance and tend to get caught up in my emotions when it comes to certain individuals. I’m really indecisive…so this should be interesting. 


Meet The Characters

I, S.O.W. am the Shape of Water, you know, the fish creature from “The Shape of Water.” Though we share visual similarities, I can speak, and I’m way more charismatic than he is. My goal is to help everyone achieve their goals so long as I get my daily intake of water. As the bagpipe and lyre playing bard of the group, I wish to fill everyone with musical joy (except the enemies, they get itching curse and fascination). I’m also a level 10000 master of seduction.

Zana Xerxes Zion:


Sup I’m Zana, I don’t really got the whole interacting with other people thing down quite yet, I’m learning and trying. People seem to refer to me as a “bombshell” but I have never exploded so I don’t know what they are talking about, must be “lingo” or something. I grew up an only child and I was home-teached by my grandma from a very young age. I like to watch action movies and read fantasy novels, and its where I base most of my people skills since it seems to work for the characters in the stories… come to think of it I might need a different approach.



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