Hello AOD ones,

Welcome to the official website for Missing Roll Player Found, or MRPF for short. We are an actual play podcast group currently running a weekly Sword Art Online campaign, using the Pathfinder RPG system, the fraternal twin of DnD.

MRPF believes in telling stories that are enriching and fun with some realism smashed in. If adventure is what you seek, then you will not be disappointed with the zany and occasionally daft bunch of misfits in MRPF.

Looking to get started?

The following are great choices for getting caught up in the AOD campaign (that’s pronounced odd).

  1. Episode 0
  2. Recap 1-10
  3. Episode 11 
You can listen to us through your favorite listening apps below or check out our podcast page above! We’ve even got an embedded player right on this page. So there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

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