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From Dice Envy’s unique metal sets to quality acrylic dice, they’ve got enough variety to suite a myriad of tastes. We cannot recommend enough taking a look at Dice Envy’s stockNow, full disclaimer, Dice Envy is an affiliate of ours. Buying dice through these links helps to support all of Missing Roll Player Found. Now, back to the business at hand. 

We ordered a set of the Kosmos Purple Nebula Dice Set and one mystery dice set, which you can see in the pictures from their website below. Of course, the mystery dice remained a mystery until we opened them!


The Design and Feel:

The Kosmos Dice are as gorgeous in person as they are in the pictures. We must note, however, that the d4 we received is a bit more translucent than the other dice, but it makes it feel even more special. Honestly, these dice are smooth, somewhat reminiscent of marble and honey. The numbers on the dice are easy to read, which is appreciated since many dice don’t have large or well-defined numbering. White was a good color choice for these dice. The overall color scheme reminds us of Aurelion Sol and Zoe from League of Legends, which may have influenced our selection quite a bit.  

The Roll:

The Kosmos feel heavier and more solid than other dice we own. This makes rolling feel very satisfying as they click against our dice tray. As seen in the pictures above, the edges of these dice are rounded. It does seem to be part of a majority of their acrylic sets. While the jury is out on what is the best for dice rolling, it’s safe to say no one will be crying if they step on the d4, the Lego of the dice world. The set that we purchased does seem to be balanced as per the salt test and rolling overall. Of course, as Dice Envy puts it: “In reality all dice regardless of manufacturer are a little unbalanced.” So it does depend a bit on your luck. However, it is important to note that Dice Envy does have a policy on this, which also includes general unhappiness with the set you ended up with. You can check it out on their FAQ page. 

The Mystery

And now for the reveal, the mystery dice. After comparing several images on their site, we have determined that we received the Acid Cloud Dice Set. These dice are also quite comparable to the Kosmos in quality, balance, and texture. While they are not our favorite of the two, they will most certainly be used before any of our other dice. 


The Price and Presentation

At the time of writing this post, we received the Kosmos Purple Nebula Dice Set for $11.95 and the mystery dice for $6, which are marked on-sale from $12.95. This is about average for acrylic dice, some of which can be found on other sites. Dice Envy does indicate whether or not the dice being sold are exclusive to them or not as well as rarity. So that is nice. Both sets of dice came in a dapper white, drawstring bag, adding a nice touch of elegance that matches well with both dice groups. 

Final Thoughts

While the price of the acrylic dice sets overall is nothing new, you have a great chance of getting a sweet looking dice set for half the cost by picking up a mystery bag. Beyond that, however, we do believe the quality of  the dice are worth every penny spent. We cannot judge the quality of their metal dice at this time. But if you would like to pick up a set, Dice Envy does tout that they “charge about 25% less than [their] competitors when it comes to metal dice.” And a really nice fact is that Dice Envy helps to support Extra Life through monthly auctions of their prototypes. You can read more about this on their Mission page. And don’t forget that buying a set of dice from Dice Envy through our links helps to support us here at Missing Roll Player Found!


Note: In the pictures above you will see an unedited and an edited version of the dice pictures. We wanted to show you what the dice looked like through the camera’s lens and then what was close to what we saw in real life. For example, the Nebula appear a deeper purple in the original picture, but they are actually lighter in real life. 

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