AOD Doggies | Episode 1 | Wherefore Arf Thou

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Have you ever wanted to listen to three idiots cumulatively play four characters in a game, inside a game, inside a game? Join familiar faces of the AOD guild and a strange shop clerk in AOD Doggies. In AOD Doggies episode 1, adventure awaits our brave canine friends as they wake up and discover that the villagers have gone missing. Join Justin as Spark, the rogue Shiba Inu, Daniel as Staz, the German Shepard Ranger, Wilson as Copper, the druid Beagle, and Crystal as Crystal, the warlock Chihuahua as they attempt to follow the trail of their lost masters.

AOD Doggies is a homebrew story based off the rules of Dungeons and Doggies, a 5e DnD ruleset about awakened doggies! All GM notes will be available to our Player tier patrons on patreon.

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